An Unexpected Gift

Ever since I had my first son, I’ve deliberated with myself and discussed with my husband when it would be a great time to have another baby.  He thought three years apart was nice.  I wanted my kids to be closer in age. Many times, I recall the years spent with my younger brother. Bathing together. Playing together. We shared a room for many years.  My brother and I are exactly 12 months apart, though.  I knew that was pretty close.  Time came and went.  JR was suckling for the first time in my arms at the hospital and then one day we were at the playground, for his first time, celebrating his first year of life.  
We decided that we would just let it happen; well at least that is what hubby wanted.  I could see where he was coming from.  No one wants to deal with being frustrated because you made the goal of your intimate encounters to be about reproduction and then, no baby. He didn’t want to stress if things didn’t happen right away.  He just wanted to enjoy us and then one day, when God was ready to bless us with another child, he or she would be here.  And then I realized that each family can’t really say what age difference between their kids would have been better or what didn’t work out as well until after it already happened.  We live wholeheartedly for God so I knew I had to just trust Him in this area, like I do with everything else. 
 I can remember this one night….I felt like Hannah, the mother of Samuel in the Bible. She hadn’t had any children yet and she went to the temple one day and prayed to God that He would give her a child. Now granted, Hannah had no children so I can only imagine what that must have felt like, but how I could relate was I wanted to mother more children.  I know some people want to be doctors, or hair stylists or lawyers or I don’t know…just more than a wife and mom, but for me, it’s the reason I know I was born.  Living out my purpose has been the most rewarding thing I could ever have experienced thus far in my life.  I wanted JR to have siblings.  I wanted to teach them to stick together and to be there for each other.  So this one night that I can remember so vividly, it was a few months back, I did what a mother who is a believer in Jesus Christ must always do anyway and I just prayed. And cried. And prayed some more. I prayed that nothing was wrong with my womb. I prayed that all would go well with my pregnancy when it happened and that I could be blessed to go through it naturally.  And after I prayed, I knew I had to leave it alone. 
Even though I had left it alone, each month since I had gotten my period again, at 13 months postpartum, had been a mystery in terms of symptoms and figuring out exactly what day I would get my period.  As time has gone on, it has regulated.  I even downloaded an app that helps me record everything so that I can learn my body again.  Things haven’t been exactly the same, especially since I am still nursing my first baby.  And then, this month came and I realized that day number 31 of my cycle was here and still no period.  I checked back a few months and I could remember it coming on day 32 or 33. So I decided it could be nothing.  Besides, cramping always came on strong right before my cycle started.  Well, after day 33 came and went, I decided maybe I should take a test.  Negative.  This was the absolute last day that I thought that my menstrual cycle would begin.  I decided that maybe it was going to come later than expected. 
And then tonight arrived, I realized that day 37 has passed me by.  Hubby isn’t feeling well.  He brings home another test.  After dinner, I decided to see if perhaps I took the first test too early, or maybe there was something wrong with the first one.  And right before my very eyes, there it was, the result: positive.  An unexpected gift.  Our blessing. :)
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  • Oh Brittnei! I'm so happy for you!!! What a blessing and a relief and an AMAZING gift! You give me hope, my friend. That praying and crying and praying woman was me last night. You give me hope, sister. Congratulations and I cannot wait to follow along with you in this amazing journey God has laid out before you! I pray all will go well and you will enjoy being a mother to two as much as you have thrived in being a mother to JR.

  • CONGRATULATIONS Girl!!! What a blessing and lovely surprise! Can't wait to follow your pregnancy journey! :-)

  • Oh my gosh! Congratulations. I am really tearing up right now. I think I'm at the point in my life where I can really feel the weight of how amazing a gift like this is. What a blessing!

  • What??? Congratulations to all of you!!! How exciting!

  • YAY!! Congratulations, Brittnei!!! :)

  • YAY!!! Congrats mama!!! I am so excited for you guys! I'm wishing you a very happy and healthy pregnancy and I can't wait to follow your journey! <3 Much love mama

  • Whoa!!!! I read this really slowly, and I didn't skip ahead and I always skip ahead! I do that with books all of the time.
    Anyway. I was surprised at the end because I let myself be surprised. Much love, health and happiness to you and your family right now.

  • Congratulations to you and your family!

  • Brittnei Washington

    Thanks so much again, Penny! You excitement for me really is so awesome! xo

  • Brittnei Washington

    Oh, when it finally happens, I hope you will tag me on social media for your post because I would love to hear the details! Thank you again for all of your well wishes and be so excited for me! xo

  • Brittnei Washington

    Thank you so much, Tenns! xo

  • Brittnei Washington

    Thank you so much, Julia! xo

  • Brittnei Washington

    Thanks so much, Tamara! It really means the world to me that you actually took the time to read the entire story without jumping ahead. This post reflects some of my inner most parts. xo

  • Brittnei Washington

    Thanks so much, Wendy! xo

  • Brittnei Washington

    Actually, 2 years is exactly what I wanted so I'm excited! Thank you so much for you kind words! xo

  • Congrats, what a wonderful surprise, so so happy for you :)

    Have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving.

  • Brittnei Washington

    Hmm, I think people are under the impression that maybe I didn't get pregnant when I wanted after reading this post haha. I actually wanted my kids to be about 2 years apart. The one night that I prayed was more out of concern….hoping I would get another chance to be a mom to more babies. This was when JR was around 14 or 15 months old. If I would have gotten pregnant around then they would be exactly 2 years apart. But, I got pregnant now while he is 19 months so they will be 2 years and 3 months apart. Works for me! I think the reason why it wasn't sooner could be because me and my husband weren't really trying. When we had JR, we tried and that first month we got pregnant. I know each woman is different. Even though the percentage of how likely you are to get pregnant increases after 3 months postpartum when you are exclusively breastfeeding, many women have gotten pregnant within those first 3 months and they weren't trying lol. So I guess it depends on a lot of factors. Thanks for all of your sweet, kind words as usual!

  • Congratulations!! Unexpected gifts are always the best ones. God heard your prayers. Praying that you have a healthy pregnancy.

  • Happy happy joy joy! Congrats, Brittnei! This is great news and I'm super happy for you, my dear.

  • Totally missed this post, but so happy I read it now, congrats girl to you and your little family! Sometimes the unexpected things carry the greatest promise!

  • Woohoo! I'm very happy for you :)

  • jugglingrealfoodandreallife

    Congratulations Brittnei! This is such an exciting time for you. Your post is beautifully written. I was on the edge of my seat as I was reading it.

  • Oh my goodness! I am so happy for you! You wrote this so beautifully, I literally have goose bumps!
    Congratulations to you and your family!
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