Second Trimester Entry Self-care Checkup

Second Trimester Entry Self-care Checkup

Ok, so when this post goes live, I will be almost 16 weeks.  According to the first day of my last period, I am 16 weeks on Tuesday, so I am well into the second trimester now.  How am I able to post this with confidence that things are going well?  You all are about to find out.  Using what I know about my body, things I’ve learned about pregnancy over the last couple of years as well as observation of the changes in my body and with my baby, I can confirm that things are right on track and going well.  So here is my second trimester entry self-care checkup:


16 weeks pregnant

16 weeks pregnant image via Babycenter




1)  Physically, I am able to tell by how I feel and how my clothes fit that I’ve gained weight.  I know most people believe that most women should gain 25-35 lbs in pregnancy, but believe it or not, people can gain more or less and have a perfectly normal and healthy pregnancy.  I actually gained 24 lbs my first pregnancy and things were perfectly fine.  I’ve heard of women gaining more or less and it being the same.  I feel as though I might have gained about 5-7lbs.  How do I know?  My panties fit a little snug.  My small stretch marks I had on my breasts from them shrinking after breastfeeding JR have faded because my breasts have grown significantly in the past 16 weeks.


2)  My breasts are still a little sore.  I know this may go away soon.  The areola on my breasts are significantly darker.  Many women notice this change in the 2nd trimester.


3)  I still have a little nausea.  I just suck on lemons when I get it.  I have it during the day and sometimes at night.


4)  My uterus is out of my pelvic cavity.  I can feel it when I am standing and lying down.  I’ve been feeling on my belly since early pregnancy so that I can feel the changes happening.  My fundus, or the top of my uterus, is about half way between my pubic bone and belly button which is relatively common in a lot of women at 15-16 weeks.


5)  Some of my clothes don’t really fit well in the abdominal area.  It’s not extremely noticeable to people on the outside that I’m pregnant, but it’s very apparent to my husband and I especially when I am home in my comfortable, more fitting clothing.  I might get a few maternity items soon.


6)  I’ve noticed my veins in the back of my legs behind my knees are popping out a little more.  Varicose veins are extremely common in pregnancy.  I try not to stay on my feet too long if I can help it and I strive to drink plenty of water.


7)  I have noticed that my stomach feels like it is stretching.  I haven’t had too much round ligament pain, but I know those aches and twinges are on the way most likely.


8)  My skin doesn’t look much different. No abnormal breakouts.  My hair looks the same to me, too.  I’ve actually started dread locs in my hair though so perhaps I haven’t noticed anything mostly because of that?




1)  I do have mood swings.  Sometimes I feel very overwhelmed like I have a lot to do in terms of daily care of my home and taking care of my son.  When this happens I just lay down and relax.  I may get up and do one thing, but I don’t force myself.


2)  I feel more in tune with my baby this time than I ever have in any other pregnancy even though I haven’t seen a sonogram this time around, which is very satisfying.  Not feeling connected to JR in my first pregnancy this early made me worry a lot.


The Baby


1)  The baby’s movements are very strong at times and very noticeable to the touch of my stomach, especially when I am lying down on my back. I can feel it when I am not touching my belly as well.  When I wasn’t sure that was the baby, at first, I would touch my stomach and now I’m confident it’s the baby each time I feel the movement.  Many of the movements are in my lower uterus area.  Once in a while, the baby will move towards the top of my uterus, which is another confirmation of where the top of my uterus is right now.


2)  Sometimes I question if the baby is a little bigger than what a doctor might consider normal for 15-16 weeks, but I’m not extremely worried about this.  Babies grow at different paces so if the baby is larger now, it may stay larger or even balance to what most consider normal.  I think it will all workout for it to be the right weight and height when it’s born.


The family responses


Toddler putting on socks

1)  JR seems to be starting to understand that a baby is in Mommy’s belly.  I’ve been using the Daniel Tiger show about his new baby sister to talk about it with him a little.  Each time we hear about a baby, I typically show excitement so he knows that it’s an exciting thing.


2)  My husband is extremely supportive.  He does a lot around the house especially on weekends to help out.  He also gets food for me or does something for me when I tell him that I want to lay down or that I’m not feeling well.


Things I want to work on or keep in mind for this trimester:

1)  I know this is the month where protein and iron becomes vital since my blood volume will be increasing and the baby will need the protein for growth.  I still have some cravings that I feed into, but I’m also trying to get more leafy greens into my diet as well.


2)  Now that I’m well into second the trimester, I know laying on my stomach will become more and more uncomfortable.  That has already started happening.  I also think I’m going to look into getting a body pillow since the growth of my uterus is starting to feel uncomfortable when lying on my side without a pillow.


That’s my update!  For any of you who were interested in how I would know things are going, etc, this is how I know. :)  I hope for people who are on this same type of journey that this was helpful.  Have I shared the Indie Birth site with you?  Maryn has been great with taking me along this journey in my self-care and understanding of free birth.


Do any of you remember how you were feeling or what was happening at this point in any of your pregnancies?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!




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23 thoughts on “Second Trimester Entry Self-care Checkup”

  1. So glad to hear everything is going well Brittnei! I remember I started slightly showing around this time with my first pregnancy, but with my second, you could barely tell I was pregnant even at 7 months. Our daughter was born weighing in about 5,6 lbs, but perfectly healthy, and I didn’t gain much weight. I think I gained slightly more with my first pregnancy, but considering I was going through a divorce during my second one, I can’t say I am surprised.
    Ana Lynn recently posted…Thought Of The Week: Mom vs MotherMy Profile

    1. Yea it could have been stress the second time around. Then again, something like that happened to my mom too. She wasn’t showing as much with my brother. But I never asked her if she felt that it was a stressful time or not.

  2. Yes, I totally remember because I was just starting to pull out of the overwhelming nausea! I think I lost 5 pounds with my first girl… and that was a lot harder than I ever would have anticipated. Glad it hasn’t been too bad for you – that makes a huge difference!!
    Seana Turner recently posted…Polly’s DucksMy Profile

  3. Hi Brittnei,
    Thanks for posting the update. I was wondering how you and the baby were doing. I remember lots of things about my pregnancies…but I can’t really remember the time frame in which they occurred. JR is such a cutie. I know he keeps you busy. What is he doing in that photo…taking off his sock? I will look forward to the next update. Oh yeah, I do remember researching information…making sure everything was happening when it was suppose to.

  4. We totally watched the Daniel Tiger show today! It aired today for us. We didn’t know it would be a little girl!
    And of course Scarlet told me she wanted a baby sister and that Dada had magic seed to give me.
    Nice, right? Luckily she has no idea how that seed is transferred.
    Also, not ready to be pregnant! I do love to hear about it so much, though.
    Tamara recently posted…Sometimes I Don’t Give Myself Enough Credit.My Profile

    1. Oh we watched Daniel Tiger today as well. I think this was the first day it aired on TV, but they actually had it already up on :) Haha Scarlet is too cute. Perhaps one day she will get her wish. :)

    1. Sometimes I remember JR’s kicks would startle me. And then there was the period where people could actually see him moving from my shirt and would say it looked like an alien haha. It felt weird at times, but it was always nice to feel it because then I knew he was doing well because he was active. :)

    1. Thanks, Tiffany! Poor Little A. I can only imagine what she must be feeling. I have no idea though because my brother is only a year younger so I always had someone to play with as far back as I can remember.

  5. I’m so pleased to read that everything is going so well for you, Brittnei! What a beautiful and amazing gift pregnancy is. I loved being pregnant, actually. I didn’t really allow myself to get excited until about 20 weeks but do remember the joy (and the discomforts) of watching my body change to allow for my little baby to grow and mature. So incredible!!!
    Kristi Campbell recently posted…Our Land: For Ava, in TreatmentMy Profile

    1. Thanks, Kristi! I actually almost wanted to wait past the 20 week mark this pregnancy because of what happened the last time, but then I don’t know…I guess faith took over and next thing I knew I was feeling the baby move earlier than I expected so it’s been fine. I completely understand though for sure.

  6. So amazing how you can actually do this.. like track everything without a doctor. I mean, I understand the journey you’re following and want to follow based on the stories you’ve had before and I’m just so happy hearing about all these things from you. I’m not sure how I felt exactly during my second trisemester. My nausea probably started to fade that time. I’m sure though that I didn’t gain weight so much and that it’s not noticeable that I was pregnant. I was also still wearing jeans until my 5th month.
    Rea recently posted…10 Photos and A Busted MonitorMy Profile

    1. Wearing jeans until the 5th month? Man oh man. Today when I tried to put on a regular skirt that has an elastic waste, I had to take that bad boy off. I couldn’t believe how much it felt like it was digging into my lower belly. I was just telling hubby I think I need to get a few maternity items now.

      Regarding doing this without a doctor, well, I have had my moments of fear, BUT, I’m learning a lot of things they tell us are not true, unfortunately. I’m not sure that all of them know they are not true. I think some actually believe they are saying the right thing. With all that I’m learning about birth and pregnancy, it is just making me more confident in the natural process of things. Like today…I saw this post in one of my groups that was telling us to beware of this girl who is sharing personal stories and pictures from moms in free birth groups because she is putting that on a blog and talking negative about the free birth movement. Well, one the stories she shared about how dangerous free birth is was about a mom who delivered a still born baby and the cause of death was blamed on the baby getting the head stuck in the umbilical cord. So I thought about it and I reached out and asked some midwife resources I know and guess what? A baby suffocating from a nuchal cord around its neck is not truly possible. There are many reasons…what the chord is made out of…the fact that it getting wrapped around the neck at birth is pretty normal…and the fact that babies don’t breath air through their mouths, they are getting it through the cord which is still providing even a little oxygen even when it gets wrapped around their necks. To say the least, I was not happy that this girl would share such personal, vulnerable info about these women on her blog, but I’m glad through hearing about that I was able to get my concern settled. I still have so much to learn. I will be taking a 5 week online class, Yahuah willing, to learn about the physiology of birth which I’m really excited about.

    1. Yea, I’ve realized that saying I believe in a higher power and that He created all things is a bit of a contradiction if I don’t believe that birth is a natural process that He can enable to happen freely without issues. My belief is that He created the process. So, I have just committed to learning about that process to rid myself of all the fear of the unknown. I also learn about things doctors say about birth and pregnancy and it makes me sad that much of it is based on the healthcare system getting our hard earned money. I think if more women felt the urge to take back birth and learn (you don’t even need to go to formal schooling), they might have so many of their fears taken care of. They might even get mad about being deceived by the system. The more I learn, sometimes I know I definitely do. It wasn’t easy getting to this point though so I definitely understand moms who still leave it in the hands of the healthcare system entirely. I started to learn in our last pregnancy, but it took a really unexpected, traumatizing situation that no one in the system could have prevented to truly get me to this epiphany.

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