I Really Believed, But I’m Thankful I Don’t….

Let’s just say this week was extremely eventful.   I think I almost peed my pants twice.  Ok maybe that was due to my uterus pushing more on my bladder, but still! :)  JR threw a tantrum right when I was having some serious round ligament pain one day.  That was a bit tough.  The poor little guy was tired.  I did get up after it passed and as soon as I put him over my shoulder, he passed out.  I’m excited to combine Ten Things of Thankful and Finish the Sentence Friday this week!  The sentence to finish this week is “when I was a kid, I really believed that…”  and I’m letting you know that these are all things that I no longer believe and some of them, I’m thankful I don’t.


1)  I really believed all babies were fed from a bottle.  I had one aunt that breastfed around me a few times, but that didn’t really stick out too much in my mind because everyone else, from what I remembered, put formula in bottles for their babies and fed them that way.

Breastfeeding friendly

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2)  I really believed everyone celebrated Christmas and birthdays.  As a kid, these were the two things I looked forward to the most.  I got gifts and it was about me on those days…it was way too exciting.  I don’t think it ever crossed my mind that some people actually didn’t celebrate one or both of these days.


3)  I really believed I would always be close to my natural family; in proximity and relationship.  When I was little, extended family was everything.  Cousins were more like brothers and sisters and grandmothers and aunts and uncles, were more like second parents.  I couldn’t fathom the idea of getting married and moving far away.  I always thought things would be just as they were.


4)  I really believed when women had babies they all went to the hospital.  Home birth?  What is that?  Birth center?  I never heard any of those ideas or terms until I was pregnant with JR.



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5)  I really believed when it was time for someone to have a baby, they would be somewhere and the water would break and spill everywhere to let them know it was time.  Let’s just say I watched too many movies and hadn’t been around too many women to see what actually happens for most women when they go into labor.  Up until my labor started with JR, I actually thought I would have to go to the hospital once it began.  Most labors last for hours!  Let’s just say I had no idea what I was getting into! Haha!


6)  I really believed all kids went to school.  Home school?  I don’t even think I remember ever hearing this when I was growing up.  If I did, I probably thought it was strange and weird as most people do when they grow up thinking sending kids to school is the only way.


I Really Believed, But I'm Thankful I Don't


JR calm

7)  I really believed all successful people went to school, got good grades and played sports, then went onto college.  Who knew that some people took different paths of school from K-12, some don’t go to college and yet these individuals are still able to provide for their families and be what they believe is considered “successful.”  I knew one way growing up.  I am thankful I have learned different since!


8)  I really believed all women did the same thing as the men with grade school, college and then work.  Homemaker?  What was that?  I don’t think I ever thought about who would take care of my kids if I went back to work and all of that.  I was pushed to do it the one way so I don’t think kids and how I would actually take care of them ever crossed my mind until I started working after college.


9)  I really believed dreadlocks were only worn by black people.  Then one day when I was in college or high school, a white girl came to my church with dreads. I couldn’t stop looking at her hair.  I had no idea this could be done with this texture of hair.  I honestly didn’t even think I had the texture of hair for it.  Lo and behold, since that moment when I met Jamie, I have seen tons of photos and white people with dread locks and now I’ve even started my own.



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10)  Did any of you play with barbies or dolls? I thought I was going to collect them and play with them forever!  Nowadays, I haven’t even thought twice about even keeping some as collectors items.


I’ve changed a lot over the years and I am still evolving.  I’m very happy about that.  I continue to ask questions and grow each and every day.  It’s a beautiful thing!


Is there anything that you believed as a kid that you no longer believe to be true?   What are you thankful for in general this week?  I’d love to hear about it!




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Brittnei Washington

Hi! I'm Brittnei! I'm the wife of Harroll and mom to one handsome baby boy and 3 amazing step children. I love Jesus Christ, homemaking, healthy living, football and bowling in leagues with my husband. Writing is a hobby and I enjoy doing it in between caring for the ones I love and taking care of our home.

65 thoughts on “I Really Believed, But I’m Thankful I Don’t….”

    1. Oh my goodness, Dana! When I saw the prompt for this post, all I can think about is the things that I thought a few days ago that I no longer believed. It was hard. But then, throughout the day after I talked to Kristi my wheels started turning. Hehe.

    1. Hahaha! I thought about that one by thinking of one of your posts I read actually….the one you shared about the girls and the American Girl store. I used to love my Addy doll. I was so sad when I kept forgetting to play with her.

    1. Michelle! Those are definitely the ones I am so happy that I don’t think anymore because I am the total opposite: I stay-at-home, I breastfeed, I am planning a home birth, and I homeschool. Hahaha! I think dreads can be so beautiful….no matter who is wearing them. :)

  1. Honestly, Scarlet nearly gets dreadlocks if she’s more than two days without a bath. It’s bad!
    Forget being a kid – I thought pregnant women were always as large as they are at nine months. It wasn’t until I got pregnant, that I realized that it’s a slow process and the big stuff isn’t (mostly) until the end!
    I didn’t know much.
    I knew not everyone celebrated birthdays and Christmas, mainly because I’m Jewish, but also because my second grade friend was a Jehovah’s Witness and his mom came to class to explain it to us.
    Tamara recently posted…Becoming Neurotic for Ask Away Friday.My Profile

    1. Hahaha too funny with Scarlet. I know what you mean, but to have your dreads actually form takes people anywhere from 6- 12 months! Patience is key on this thing….I know. I thought a lot of funny things about pregnancy too even right before I got pregnant. I honestly think that was one of them. I really wanted to get big fast. I thought that was the cool part. After having experienced it, I’m going to have to say each milestone has its good and not so comfortable. Hehe. I did meet some Jehovah’s witnesses I think in high school, but up until then, I think I was convinced that everyone celebrated. I knew the Jewish kids had their own holidays, but I didn’t know it didn’t include Christmas and maybe not birthdays.

  2. I so knew you could do this sentence, and I knew that you’d do it beautifully, importantly, and amazingly. Which, you did. Not even with controversy :)
    My (white) friend did dreads for a while, and I remember being surprised as well, as her hair was quite thin, but it worked, and she was beautiful with them (and without, as all of us are, with and without).
    LOVE how you did this, my awesome friend!! You so totally rock! Especially after feeling like you had nothing good to say. Here, look, up there (arrow up) at all the good you had to say. I’m happy. And while I know YOU don’t believe in birthday celebrations, mine is tomorrow, and while I won’t do much to celebrate, this post – right here- makes me a happy birthday. For me. I hope that’s okay and great job.
    Kristi Campbell recently posted…I Used to Believe in Pet Rocks, and that Plaid Pants were the BestMy Profile

    1. Hahaha! Kristi, your comments always make me all tingly inside. Thank you!!! I think even white people look great in dreads. I think in general, I don’t love a really messy look, but I also don’t love a look that looks like a person goes to a salon every week either. Somewhere in between seems more real if that makes any sense.

      I’ve had so much on my mind with all that is going on in the world and with all the new things I’m discovering. I didn’t think I could think of anything else, but as the day went on things from my childhood poured into my head. Yay!

      I’m so happy that you are here and alive for another year. I may not celebrate the actually birthday, but I’m always happy and thankful to have wonderful people around for even one moment longer. :) I hope you enjoy your day tomorrow. :)

  3. Speaking of dreads I just saw a picture a couple days ago of someone with hot pink ones. They were kinda cute too actually. One thing I believed when I was little that once you got your driver’s license you would get in a car accident. I was little when my mom got her license, and I was four when we got in a car accident – which had nothing to do with her being a new driver. It was just stuck in my head because it happened to a few other relatives. None fatal that God. Yeah I had no idea that labor was what it is. When my brother was born, I went to school that morning and when I got home that afternoon my dad said, “Your baby brother is here.” Mom did say she was in labor while she was trying to do my hair for school but she was trying to act normal.
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted…I Believed in BigfootMy Profile

    1. Ha! Kenya, you raise even more things in my mind that I thought based on perception and my understanding when I was growing up, too. It’s crazy how that works. So glad that accident wasn’t fatal, too. It’s great to grow and learn new things is definitely what I’ve gathered from reflecting on what I used to believe in this post. :)

    1. I have been a bit serious in my writing huh? :) I did enjoy thinking of such interesting things I thought when I was growing up. I’m glad you liked it. Now that you bring it up, it does make me think about the getting older and still being young aspect of life, too.

  4. #3 and #5. I believed I would never get on a plane, let alone move to USA. Yet, we know how that story went. My water never broke with my first pregnancy till the doctor did it. My second one it did, right after I got sent back home from the hospital for having “false” labor. False labor my …. You know I am estranged from my mother mostly but I am really grateful for your comment on that post. Makes me feel little less alone.
    Ana Lynn recently posted…Ask Away Friday With Echo aka The Mad MommyMy Profile

    1. No, Ana! You are not alone! I am the same as you. My water didn’t break the first time around on it’s own either. I’ve learned that labor can definitely start and stop. Calling it false labor? I don’t know what they are thinking sometimes. Hehe.

  5. I thought that after you have a baby you immediately look like you did before being pregnant. Sadly I still thought that the day I had my first son – imagine my disappointment when I still looked about 6 months pregnant – thankfully that went away quickly but still!!
    Kim recently posted…Birthdays Then and NowMy Profile

    1. Hahaha! This one made me chuckle. I definitely know what you mean. I think as a kid I thought the same. I had a reality check though as I got older and while I was pregnant. My tummy went down not the first day but the first week. I guess that was due to breast feeding. :)

  6. I really believed I would be a lifelong Barbie collector and my girls would adore me for doing so :)
    I have a few Barbies and my girls could care less, which is just fine with me.
    I believed happy marriages were fairytales made for the big screen, I never saw it growing up…. well, in glimpses.
    I’m grateful to realize happiness exists especially when you open your heart.
    All the best~
    Mrs. AOK recently posted…Summer.My Profile

    1. Hahaha. So funny you and Janine shared that idea about barbies with me. I think I always looked for the romance/fairytales I saw in movies because I thought that’s what it really was about. That brings sometimes else back to my memory that I thought because of what you said!

  7. Hi Brittnei,
    Very nice article. Oh an that thing about the dreads…I believed the same until one day I saw a caucasian guy with some and I was staring at him. He probably why the crazy woman was staring at his head.

  8. I thought before that dread locks were wigs. LOL. I thought there was really a pot of gold on the other end of the rainbow. I thought I could ride on the clouds. And I thought I would never have a kid when a doctor diagnosed me with ovarian cyst (which was not really ovarian cyst at all). I’m thankful that I have good emotional quotient, that I don’t react whenever something’s going wrong, and instead respond to it to avoid immature fights with people. So glad you’re sharing this to us today. Hope you have a wonderful weekend Brittnei! :)

    1. Thank you!! Rea, this makes me smile. From reading a lot of things we all thought, I think TV played a lot into it besides what our family and friends told us. :) So funny about the wig! I’m glad the doctors were wrong! Reiko is such a beautiful creation. Having emotions under control is great. I hope you are enjoying your weekend, too.

  9. wow, you made me think about these things… I dont know if I was even producing concious thoughts of these things as a kid… so I am not sure… one of my white brothers had dreads so that one is about all I got! hahahhaha!
    zoe recently posted…TToT: DOWN AND DIRTYMy Profile

    1. Well, I explained it in my thinking now, but basically if I had to sum it all up, I thought it was just as I saw it and as my family members told me. The point is, I never thought there was any other way. I guess it also depends on what age. I jumped all over the place. :)

    1. Oh I hope you will consider them when your hair grows longer. They are fun so far. Yes, some days I wonder how I will be when our new baby gets here. I think I will be ready when I have to be though. :)

    1. Thanks, Tricia! You know…I never even thought about it being painful..the idea that innocence is gone is sort of sad now that I think about it. If I knew then that I was going to move away in the future that definitely would have been tough to handle. I’m ok with it now. :)

    1. Well that’s new! It’s funny because a lot of people in my culture I’ve learned as stay-at-home moms really did still do some type of little business on the side. I think it’s something I want to get my kids thinking about since even if it’s not the main thing, it could be one stream of income. :)

  10. There are tons of things I believed in but don’t anymore. One of them were actually that white people couldn’t have dreads too just like you and that you had to go to college and have a masters to be successful. I’ve thus learned differently and I’m thankful that I do. I’m thankful for so much this week including having the Lord wake me up to see my kids another day.
    Amanda Love recently posted…Ways to Incorporate Learning Into Your Toddler’s Day‏My Profile

  11. I was laughing when I got to your pregnancy beliefs. My first three non-induced pregnancies started with water breaking all over the place and me heading straight to the hospital. :) I didn’t believe books that said only 10% of women went into labor like that if it happened to me all three times! But then the last two went differently, with the last one having my water break as I pushed him out.
    It seems life is all about revising and changing our beliefs as we experience new things and discover new ideas.
    christine recently posted…Power, Peeps, Potatoes, and People Please Me, TToT Week 62My Profile

  12. Since all of us cousins were close together in age until much, much later the “little” cousins arrived, I don’t think I gave much thought to babies, birth, nursing, school, etc. back then, but when it came to having babies myself, I didn’t even think about formula. I knew that I wanted our daughter to have excellent care when I went back to work and found a wonderful lady who took only took care of her while I was working part-time. Had we stayed in the States, we certainly would have home schooled, but here in Germany we love the schools. I’m glad you chose to look at your options and made the decisions that are right for your family!

    There are many things I used to believe in as a child, from the German version of Santa Claus (a sort of Christmas Angel) to god itself. As I grew into the person I am today, I started to question many things I’ve grown up with and found my own ways.
    Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly recently posted…Week In Review – Ten Things Of Thankful (62)My Profile

    1. I’ve recently learned about the German version of Santa Claus. Very interesting! We never believed in him, but I always wondered where the idea for him and the Easter Bunny actually came from. You know, I don’t think I thought about this stuff when I was growing up either….it’s just in hindsight, as I saw other people around me living their lives, it was all I thought happened since the other extreme wasn’t common in my sphere of existence. I find it funny that I’ve turned out to do the complete opposite in many cases though so it was worth reflecting on and writing about. :)

    1. Serins, the labor one is funny for me because I read about how long it could take when I was pregnant with my first, but maybe the pain of it made me forget that going to the hospital so early won’t necessarily speed things up…I have no idea what I was thinking. Hehe. :)

  13. If there is one thing I believe it is that we never stop learning. It’s interesting to look back and see how different our views are on things at different times in our lives. I know there are things I believed when I was a child that were actually reality. It’s a shame we eventually have to put away some of our childish ideas. Terrific post, Brittnei!
    Sandy Ramsey recently posted…Change with One Constant – Life As I Know ItMy Profile

  14. Wow, Brittnei, I liked the post, .. it took me to the point – do I remember all the dreams or these kind of thought – or do we call them beliefs?! These what you shared are the happy ones – but we do have ones that have been hurting us too, in a way, right?!
    Like – what we thought the true friendship, love or happiness means to us and others, what we expect.. and then get disappointed. I am grown up in the happy family – so I believed – that that is must and that is how it is and will be. But then I learned that relationships change, come and go.. Childhood friendships, I used to believe they will last forever..

    What came to my mind – it is great to find at least 10 for myself to laugh about and to feel this joyful atmosphere.. like you wrote about homeschooling, breastfeeding and home birth – these are ones that change the world!
    Funny… I believed that labor is heavy and long hours, even my midwife thought it would take hours, but in the reality it was short and easy.
    Evita recently posted…The Inspiration.My Profile

    1. That’s so amazing that your labor was short and easy. I wonder how it will be for me this time around. I’m excited to find out. You bring up some really great points about what we thought when we were younger. You and other commenters have made me think even more about different things- good and bad. When I was little and growing up, I’m not so sure I even realized that some of this stuff was “beliefs,” but I was introduced to other perspectives and ways to go about things as I got older. I’m actually glad for being introduced to more things because I honestly think the ways I’ve learned especially concerning birth, breastfeeding and homeschool was definitely the way to go for us. Even though we have certain beliefs, I plan to really try to share and teach my kids about so many different perspectives so they aren’t as shocked to learn of them as I was. :)

  15. Please don’t laugh at me but I actually believed in the Tooth Fairy! I used to get a quarter for each tooth way back in 1972 and that was a lot of money for a 6 year old. I suspected it was Daddy. The kids at school were wiser, or should I say precocious and let me in on the secret. Thank God or else I might have pulled out all my teeth. :)

    I’m grateful in general since the weekend started for the support I’m receiving from friends to help me gather a pilot group for a program that I am working on for online job hunting.

    1. Vatsala, no laughing here! I know a lot of people who believed in things like the Tooth Fairy, Santa, Easter Bunny…a lot of mom bloggers I know still tell their kids these things and their kids right now believe them so it’s not so foreign to me. :) Those were actually things my mom and close relatives on her side were honest about with me. I think my dad’s side would have liked us to believe in them for a time, but my mom and her family told us the truth so we always knew where presents came from and I’m not sure if we got money for missing teeth. :)

      Sounds like a great project you are working on. I hope I will be able to see the results of the finished product. :)

  16. Thank goodness as we age we accept new things and learn even more. I used to believe that men always drove (the car) and ladies were always the passenger. I used to think that all moms stayed home and only single ladies or wives with no children worked outside the home until my mom went to work. Thankfully, the real world is nowhere near that chauvinistic child’s view that I had so many years ago.
    Pattie recently posted…Ten Things of Thankful #7My Profile

    1. It’s so funny because some of your views as a child are totally opposite of mine. I guess it depends on what years we grew up and what type of home life we had. My mom was a single mom and so was just about everyone around us- my grandmothers, my mom’s sisters, etc. So that would explain me having seen things from the opposite perspective. :)

  17. Ah… great post Brittany!!! I think we all have such innocent perspectives when we were younger and I myself at 47 years old now (sigh) have learned over and over again how my world view continues to change every day.

    One thing seemed to stay the same, no matter what happened in my life. I believed in a loving personal God.

    I’m grateful for that constant- if I had to pick anything that sticks, it’s God!
    Chris Carter recently posted…47 Years Of ThankfulMy Profile

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