Letters to My First Born: 27 Months

Dear JR,

This month I think you are starting to get the idea in your mind that you are going to be a big brother.  We watched Daniel Tiger’s special new baby week episodes where he awaited the arrival of his new sister and then taught you how to be a big brother.  I’m not sure it is sinking in all that well just yet, but sometimes you do rub Mommy’s tummy when she tells you a baby is in there and that you have to be gentle.  I try to get excited when I see babies so that you can see that babies are exciting.  I have my concerns about you possibly feeling jealous at times when the new baby comes, but I’m hoping and praying I will have the know how so that I’m not the cause of that in any way and that I’m able to deter you from having that feeling as much as possible.  You are my first born and will always be.  No one else will ever be able to take that place away from you.


Letters to My First Born 27 Months

So I remember sharing in your 26th month update how well you are able to identify all of your letters and that I started teaching you your numbers.  You are able to basically say all of your numbers from 1 to 10.  You say them in a cute toddler way of course.  :)  Sometimes we catch you counting in your playtime which is so cute.  I’ve recently started teaching you 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15.  You can just about count from 1-10 on your own.  I want to perfect that and your ability to say the alphabet in order on your own, too.  I try to do this by singing the ABC song slowly and enunciating the letters when I say it and by counting in order.


JR calm

We had a potty moment this month.  Though I don’t think you are ready just yet, you seem to have moments when you seem to want to go.  You often come in the bathroom with me and sit on your potty; with your clothes on, of course. :)  But one day, you came in the bathroom and said “potty,” and you began to try to pull your pants down.  I took them off and you sat on the potty for a little bit and then you had to get up for a moment and the next thing I know you peed on the floor.  So I think it’s possible that you knew you had to go!  That was exciting!  But, I have confidence that one day you are just going to tell me you are ready, even if it’s not until you are 3 years old.


2 Year Olds

By telling you this part, I hope I don’t start crying.  I’ve noticed this month things like when you spill something you will run and get a towel and start to try to clean it up.  Why does this make Mom cry?  Well, it shows me you are getting older and you are imitating what we are doing.  Which reminds me, you are very cute about repeating lots of things that we say now.  You know who Daddy is and you say his name, but sometimes Mom calls him Honey and you start to say, randomly, in the day “honnneeeyy.”  That is pretty cute.


Well that’s all I have to share with you this month.  Til’ next month, Harroll.







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20 thoughts on “Letters to My First Born: 27 Months”

  1. That’s definitely exciting Brittnei!! And it’s so cute that he calls his dad honey sometimes. Potty training can be exhausting but fun too. Yesterday I didn’t have enough sleep because Reiko would wake me up if he feels like peeing. But I’m glad I’m seeing progress. I’m glad JR is showing great progress too! :)

    1. It seems I keep coming in contact with moms whose 3 year olds tell them they are ready so I have faith he will be letting me know sometime around then if not during this year. :) I’m sure Reiko will be full trained soon.

  2. Aaah, made me tear up too, lol. All of the new, little things they do are so bittersweet. And I think that’s so great that you are in no rush to potty train your son and are waiting for him to initiate it. I will tell you that I did the same thing and this past week, my 3.5 year old FINALLY decided he was ready to use the potty and there was no potty training, he just did it! It was a long 3.5 years but totally worth it!
    Jessica Dimas recently posted…Currently + Week’s GoalsMy Profile

  3. This is a nice idea because he will always be able to look back on this and know how you were feeling and how special he is. The arrival of a new baby can be a chaotic time, and I remember the anxiety I felt about how my oldest would feel. But it all worked out in the long run. Love the Connecticut t-shirt, by the way:)
    Seana Turner recently posted…Good Storage Is…My Profile

    1. Ha! I love how the UCONN graduates always notice that shirt. Hehe. That is something nice to hear from a mom who has experienced it. Thank you, Seana. I know deep down inside it will work out, but I just will feel it so much if I notice that he is jealous and any point.

  4. I am happy for the wonderful progress JR is making! I am sure pretty soon he will use potty like a true pro. (I think Lesley started around that same time too). Lesley lost her first tooth yesterday and the funny part is she tried to put it back in, and then started crying when that didn’t work. She forgot all about it by this morning though.
    Ana Lynn recently posted…Pros And Cons Of Being A Work At Home MomMy Profile

    1. Reading this comment made me laugh. Poor Lesley. The good thing is, I’ve prepared myself for if JR doesn’t train this year and decides to tell me he’s ready next year. I hadn’t heard that was common until recently especially among boys so I’m laid back about the whole thing, thankfully. :)

  5. Aww! Des is so into counting to 15. That’s his thing.
    And it’s funny to watch the Daniel Tiger with them, because Scarlet is my big sibling and Des is still my baby right now! I can’t imagine him as a big brother, although I suppose anything is possible.
    Tamara recently posted…Let It Go.My Profile

    1. I love your responses to the idea of having another one. It would be so interesting to see how things work out in that area. Des is very verbose! JR is just now saying more. But from what I’ve seen you share, Des says complete sentences! JR imitates people saying short sentences, but he doesn’t exactly say them on his own. :)

  6. This is so sweet. He is growing up. My first born is 36 years old…and my baby is 18 years old. They were both born May 20. So my oldest feels as though my youngest took his birthday. Isn’t that something? My granddaughter…who is 11 is jealous of her brother who is 4. She has always been jealous of him. So, the jealousy thing…happens quite often.

    1. That’s too funny they were born on the same day. I thought my last baby I was pregnant with was going to possibly born on the same day as me. Thank you for sharing the jealousies in your family. It sounds like it could be apart of a growth process in children as well as adults.

  7. I love these letters my dear. He is getting to be such a big boy. That’s awesome that he knows his letters and is doing so well on his numbers!
    And I love that he calls you honey sometimes. Little A does the same thing too when I call my hubby baby. They pick up on so many things at this age!
    Tiffany (A Touch of Grace) recently posted…August Favorites!My Profile

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