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Hello, everyone! Welcome to my blog, Homemaking With Style!  My name is Brittnei Washington and I am the author.  I began this blog in August 2013 with the intent to write about my daily life as a wife, mother and homemaker.   I am a believer in the Creator of the Universe, the one true mighty one of my forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Once in a while I’ll reference my faith in the Creator.  I typically write about family life, healthy living, homemaking, blogging, networking and motherhood.  I enjoy doing product reviews that focus on things that I believe are of utmost importance such as healthy living, family, education and the like.


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I married Harroll Washington on March 6, 2011.  You can read about how he found me here.  I have 3 amazing step children and we have a beautiful baby boy. I have worked in several service jobs such as retail management and payroll support.  I graduated with a degree in Foreign Languages: Concentration in Spanish.  Going to school with this major enabled me to become fluent in the Spanish language.  I never wanted to be a teacher.  I did, however, contemplate becoming a translator for a while, though.  After marrying the love of my life, we decided that it would be best for me to stay home with our son, focus on keeping our home and homeschool our children.


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So join me on my journey in life as a homemaker and wife to a loving husband as I go through pregnancy, homeschool my children and make the daily effort to live a healthy lifestyle.


7 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Love your sweet blog!!! You are seriously the cutest! I'm going to enjoy keeping up with your comings and goings. I must say it is very refreshing seeing happy, productive, but not perfection minded moms doing their thing. -Jenergy :)

    1. AW! As you can see this is my first comment on my About Me page! Thank you so much for stopping by and taking a look at what my blog is all about! I really hope you will enjoy following what's up with me this year! Happy New Year to you! xo

  2. umm…nice to meet you Brittnei (your name’s pretty!)
    I m new here, so don’t know much about this blogging thing but my eyes stucked on your blog! :D
    Anyway, i just want to say that your blog is wonderful, really liked it. :)

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